Just an incredibly simple responsive site for some memos, feelings, and inspirations.
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My recent project

A web demo for RNA pairing, with amazing linear time algorithm.
You can click here or hit the image below to access the demo.

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Things I Can Do

As a man, I am a little interesting above average. As a coder, I can do everything but stop.

  • Write all the code
  • Stack small boxes
  • Read books and stuff
  • Drink much coffee
  • Lightning bolt
  • Shadow clone technique

A Few Accomplishments I Want

Possibly break spacetime

As a physics bachelor, time and space is the largest topic ever. How enthusiastic I am to find a turbulent spacetime to seek a divin world.

Terraformed a small moon

Our moon was born too small to harbor life. It came from the collision of a Mars-sized world into the primordial Earth. From that colossal crunch spun a disk of rocks that condensed into a satellite. The sun robbed its gases, and that bully Earth slowly stole the moon’s spin, locking it so that one face always smiles at us.

Snapped dark matter in the wild

For 80 years, scientists have puzzled over the way galaxies and other cosmic structures appear to gravitate toward something they cannot see. This hypothetical “dark matter” seems to outweigh all visible matter by a startling ratio of five to one, suggesting that we barely know our own universe. Thousands of physicists are doggedly searching for these invisible particles.