Vimium: a really cool extension for Chrome, make it possible to control chrome with shortcuts like vim.  
  1. Navigating the current page
  2. Search mode (like Vim)
  3. Navigating your history
  4. Manipulating tabs
  5. Navigating with URLs

1. Navigating the current page

Key Operation
show help dialog for keys
j Scroll down
k Scroll up
h Scroll left
l Scroll right
gg Scroll to the top of the page
G Scroll to the bottom of the page
zH Scroll all the way to the left
zL Scroll all the way to the right
d Scroll a page down
u Scroll a page up
r Reload the page
gs View page source
f Open a link in the current tab
F Open a link in a new tab
yy Copy the current URL to the clipboard
yf Copy a link URL to the clipboard
i Enter insert mode
gi Focus the first (or n-th) text box on the page
Open multiple links in a new tab
[[ Follow the link labeled previous or <
]] Follow the link labeled next or >
gf Cycle forward to the next frame on the page

2. Search mode (like Vim)

Key Operation
/ Enter “find” mode
n/N Jump forward/back to search occurrences(after “/”)
v enter visual mode; use p/P to paste-and-go, use y to yank
V enter visual line mode

3. Navigating your history

Key Operation
H go back in history
L go forward in history

4. Manipulating tabs

Key Operation
K,gt go one tab right
J,gT go one tab left
t create tab
x close current tab
X restore closed tab (i.e. unwind the ‘x’ command)

5. Navigating with URLs

Key Operation
<c+l> Edit the current URL
o Open URL, bookmark, or history entry
O Open URL, bookmark, history entry in a new tab
b Open bookmark
B Open bookmark in a new tab
gu go up one level in the URL hierarchy
gU go up to root of the URL hierarchy
ge edit the current URL
gE edit the current URL and open in a new tab